BURLINGTON LANDSCAPING.... landscaping done right.


Right attitude. Your lawn is not your life...it’s ours. Well not quite, but we do take as much pride in the homes we work on as we do our own; its why our customers call us in January to make sure we’ll be back in the spring...


Right skills. Whether you need adequate but un offensive barriers from your neighbours, help keeping your grass from eating your children or just making things grow where nothing would grow before, we have the experience to work with you for all your landscaping needs.

Our services include:

commercial and residential grounds maintenance
fencing (our specialty) residential and commercial
pool design, installation and maintenance
concrete designs for backyards and driveways

right price. We don’t promise the cheapest price...but we do promise the best value for your money. That means we work together to determine what products/services best meet your needs and then we work with our suppliers to make it happen.

Why settle for anyone.. when you can do it right.

Helpful Hints

Fencing Helpful Info
What you need to know about your fence
before you install it!



Our Portfolio


We invite you to look at the various projects that have been completed.


You are welcome to combine ideas from what you see, or we can help you to create a unique design for your outdoor space.