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What you need to know about your fence before you install it!

The following points are the most important points YOU, as a home owner need to know BEFORE  having your fence installed by a contarctor or installing your fence yourself.

Has the grading for my neighborhood been approved by the city?

- Grading could take anywhere from 8 months up to 1 year for approval by the City after you have moved into your home. Regardless if you and your family are the first or last to move into your neighbourhood.  

- Furthermore, if the City has not approved the grading, the developer/builder is required to rectify the problem, and the cost of removing the fence (if already installed) is done at the expense of the homeowner.  Contractors will not provide you with the above important information.

After grading has been approved by the City, what is my next step?

Burlington Landscaping strongly recommends that all homeowners contact their local line locate company. Line locate companies attend to your home and mark the underground electrical/phone lines, gas lines, pipes, and anything else that may interfere with digging.  This takes the responsibility off the homeowner for any damages if incurred and ensures everyone's safety.  This process is free for homeowners and can be requested on line or by phone.  In Ontario, "call before you dig" is the commonly used company.  Their contact information could be located on your home gas bill or at www.on1call.com.  Call before you dig will provide you with a print out of all the underground utilities which should be kept for your records.

Once my property has been marked by the line locate company, am I ready to have my fence installed?

Yes! You are ready to have your fence installed after you have chosen your design and the measurements of your posts and gate(s) have been marked.

Whether you are having your posts installed for you or if you are installing posts yourself, the Following practices will ensure properly installed posts.

Posts are the structure of your fence, if installed poorly or improperly your fence will not last for a long period of time or be able to withstand the elements.  This includes how wide apart your posts are from each other and how deep in the ground they are buried.

-The depth of the posts that are being installed should be buried at a minimum depth of half of what is exposed above ground. Ex: If your are building a 6 foot fence half is 3 feet.  This means at minimum your are using a post at 9 feet or more and digging a minimum 3 feet.  This ensures 3 feet of the said post is into the ground, which leaves 6 feet exposed above ground.

Burlington Landscaping does not recommend the use of metal spikes when installing posts.  These are for temporary use and should only be used in areas that do not suffer from frost due to cold weather, or if you are planning to use this type of fence for a short period of time.

Fence panels (post to post), how wide should they be apart?

-When determining how many posts or how far apart posts should be from each other, it is recommended that posts are installed a maximum of 8" feet apart centre to centre.  This ensures a strong fence.  Posts can be set closer together if the shape of your property is unique and does not allow for fence panels to be 8" feet apart.  At no point should fence posts be more than 8 feet apart.

If you follow these practices, you will be enjoying your yard in no time, and it will look beautiful for a very long time.


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