Pool Design & Instalation


Pool Construction:

Vinyl pools come in many shapes and sizes, with more features than ever.  We offer many styles and designs to compliment your landscaping and lifestyle.  From a basic package to a fully automated system we can help decide what is best for you.

Pool Service :

No time to open your pool for the spring, but can’t wait to enjoy it?  Is it tired and in need of a new look?  Our fully insured professionals can help with a variety of services:

  • Openings and closings
  • Liner replacement
  • Step replacement
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Much more


Spring Opening :


We will:


Remove debris from cover and bag for your disposal

  • Remove water from cover
  • Wash and put away cover
  • Remove all plugs from returns and skimmer
  • Install fittings and skimmer basket
  • Reconnect all filtration equipment
  • Prime system
  • Reinstall deck equipment
  • Skim pool surface
  • Reinstall lights
  • Rinse pool deck
  • Start to fill pool if required



Fall Closing :

We will:

  • Lower water level below returns
  • Remove fittings and skimmer basket
  • Remove deck equipment
  • Drain and blow out system
  • Winterize all filtration equipment
  • Apply anti-freeze if required
  • Install winter plugs
  • Winterize lights
  • Install winter cover

Pool Rejuvenation:

Liner Replacement

  • We carry the most recent and popular patterns
  • We will remove and dispose of your old liner
  • Inspect and repair structural walls and floor
  • Replace all faceplates and fittings
  • Professionally install new liner
  • Fill pool


Stair Installation

  • We can install new acrylic steps in your existing pool
  • We offer a wide variety of sizes and colours

Solar Heating

  • Save on heating your pool
  • Professionally installed and set up
  • Will compliment your existing heat source

Deck Equipment

  • Professional installation
  • Variety of products such as slides, diving boards, in wall lights, etc.
  • Large style selection of all products to suit your needs

Equipment Upgrades

  • New pumps, filters and heaters
  • Saltwater conversion
  • Automation
  • Fully control your pool levels and functions from your smart phone


We can make your tired pool look and perform better than new

Our Portfolio


We invite you to look at the various projects that have been completed.


You are welcome to combine ideas from what you see, or we can help you to create a unique design for your outdoor space.